SCANDALIZE MY NAME: Stories From The Blacklist

Scandalize My Name


SCANDALIZE MY NAME provides a searing examination of how “Red Scare” politics were used to hinder America's civil rights movement. This powerful film documents the first-hand experiences of African-American performers faced with blacklists, loyalty oaths and other discrimination. It explores the impact these tactics had on the performers' careers and on civil rights as a whole. Paul Robeson, Jackie Robinson, Harry Belafonte, Ossie Davis, and Canada Lee are among the notable personalities featured.” 

         Scott Albright, All Movie Guide




“A palpable and stirring testament to African-Americans who were blacklisted during the McCarthy era for standing up for what they knew was right.” – HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH

Morgan Freeman Paul Robeson Harry Belafonte







Broadcast: France, Monaco, Andorra, Australia, Korea and Ireland
Official Selection: Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Official Selection: Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Official Selection: Words on Fire; Boston Jewish Film Festival
Official Selection: Pan-African Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
Official Selection: Festival of Truth, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Winner: Chicago International Film Festival

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