Tage Kaarsted




Experienced the war as a child and later became Historian to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, and professor of 20th century Danish political history at Århus and Odense Universities. He died four months alter the completion of filming.

Frode Jakobsen




Frode JakobsenFounder of the Freedom Council which coordinated sabotage and acted as an underground government. His code name was Raven. He went on to serve his country for 28 years as a member of Parliament, and was a Special Delegate to the United Nations.

Jorgen Kieler




Leader of the Holger Danske sabotage group, medical student, and prisoner in Neuengamme. Near death from starvation in the camp, he was saved by the White Buses. After finishing his medical studies, he co-authored a text on The Hunger Syndrome, and became head of the Danish Cancer Research Institute. He is the author of Resistance Fighter.

Peter Ilsoe




Saboteur and rescuer in the Jewish action. He went on to work with NATO Intelligence. He is the author of NATO and the New Europe, and was a board member of the Danish branch of the Council on Foreign Relations. He died in March of 2007.
Henny Sinding Sundo




Used the official government lighthouse ship to transport hundreds of Jewish families. She continued to work in the family shipping business. Her father’s ship, Gerda III, is on display at the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut.


Herbert Pundik


Escaped to Sweden with his family. After the War he went to Israel, and was a member of the Israeli voluntary forces from 1948-49 when Israel fought its war of independence. In 1954 he and his family immigrated to Israel where they raised their three children. Pundik was a co-founder and editor of the Danish periodical Israel, and through the years he has worked at both Danish and Israeli newspapers covering major international crises.

Pundik's dedication to human rights and tolerance have earned him many prizes. He is coordinator for the International Alliance for Arab-Israel Peace and a member on the board of directors of Humanity in Action. In 2001 he received a special Congressional tribute. He is the author of numerous books and articles.

Ralph Oppenhejm




With his family was turned over to the Gestapo and sent to Theresienstadt. He was saved by the White Buses, and went on to become an author and critic. Among his books are A Barbarian in India, Spain in the Looking Glass and Det Skulle Så Vaere. In 1993 he appeared in a documentary The Big Illusion about the propaganda film that the Nazis made about life in that concentration camp.

Ebba Lund


EBBA LUNDEbba Lund young

Coordinated a fleet of fishing boats into one of the largest rescue operations. She worked in broad daylight helping Jews onto boats and was known as “the girl in the red beret. " She became a professor of virology, and later was appointed Chairman of the Genetic Engineering Council as well as the Council of Ethics. She was a member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, National Medical Research Council and the Carlsberg Foundation and Chairman of the Carlsberg Laboratory. In 1985 she received the Ebbe Munck Prize on of Denmark’s highest honors. She died in 1999.

Niels Sorensen




Fisherman who participated in the rescue, and whose father was arrested by the Nazis. He continued to be a fisherman until his death.

Marcus Choleva




His family was informed on and sent to Theresienstadt. He and his family were rescued by the White Buses. Marcus CholevaHe later became the managing director of KFI, a financing institute, and one of the highest paid executives in Danish history. He is also a philanthropist and a respected collector of Danish contemporary art.